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  Felipe III (1598-1621)

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PHILIP III (1598-1621). 8 Reales. (Ar. 27.54g/39mm). 1611. Zaragoza CA. (Cal-2019-996). Point in the middle of the shield on the obverse. Encapsulated by NGC AU DETAILS. dark patina Very rare copy and more like that.

Ex Áureo & Calicó 331, 05/31/2018, Lot No. 453.

Philip III (II of Aragon as stated on this coin) ordered a non-excessive number of coins to be minted in Aragon. Even smaller were the large module pieces, which were minted practically at the testimonial level. In these Eight Reales of extreme rarity, the Escudo of Aragon with the four crowned bars stands out on the obverse. On the left the letters CA (ceza mark) and VIII on the right and legend around. On the reverse, the shield with four quarters and a Moorish head from the battle of Alcoraz in each quarter (detail that was already introduced in their coins by Juana and Carlos) crowned by the cross of Íñigo Arista, accompanied by a legend. It is a coin of clear Castilian assimilation that did not have continuity in this kingdom since in Catalonia, the minting of the croat continued, and in Valencia with the divuités, all with a significantly lower module.